MS disease modifying therapy, Aubagio® (​teriflunomide), to be delisted

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi has advised that their MS disease modifying therapy (DMT), Aubagio® (generic name, teriflunomide), will be delisted from the Australian market from approximately the 1st October 2021, exact date pending.

  • This decision has been made as the market for teriflunomide production opened to other pharmaceutical companies in 2019, allowing them to produce their own versions of the MS DMT using the generic medication, teriflunomide.
  • As many as seven other companies are now producing teriflunomide, resulting in on going price cuts that made continuing the production of Aubagio® by Sanofi unfeasible in Australia.
  • It is natural for changes to usual DMT medications to cause some level of concern amongst people with MS, but there is assistance available during this transition.

What does this mean for people prescribed Aubagio®?

Generic medications are approved medications that have the same active ingredient (the chemical that makes the medicine work) as the original medication but may be packaged or presented differently.

From approximately the 1st of October (exact date to be notified in coming weeks), Aubagio® prescriptions may be filled by the generic medication teriflunomide, and your pharmacist will advise you of the available options. People with MS who hold prescriptions for Aubagio® will still be able to access the original medication until stocks run out. However, no new stock will be supplied for the Australian market. People with MS may also wish to discuss the best option for them with their neurologist and MS health care team. It should be noted that there will be no difference to the already subsidised price paid for the new prescription by the patient with these changes.

It is natural to have some concerns with changes in MS DMTs, particularly if it has been your only treatment, or if you have been stable and happy on the treatment. Your MS healthcare team will understand these concerns and can provide guidance if you need further help for your individual situation. However, the availability of alternative brands of teriflunomide will ensure continued supply for Australians with relapsing remitting MS prescribed DMT.

How can I access further information?

During this time of transition, Sanofi will operate a medical information phone line to assist current Aubagio® users who have questions about the logistical arrangements with this change. This number is: 1800 818 806.


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MS disease modifying therapy, Aubagio® (​teriflunomide), to be delisted