From our CEO

29 November 2023

Right now, MS Australia is working with other leading international MS societies in the research space, from Canada, the US, the UK and Italy, to see if we might be able to form a new research collaboration under the new Pathways to Cures research roadmap.

We are particularly keen to see if we can supercharge research around the END MS pillar, one of three in the Pathways to Cures document that seeks a future where there are no new MS diagnoses. This will be done by reducing risk factors through ultra-early detection and early intervention. That means identifying MS in its earliest, or prodromal, stages to delay or prevent the onset of symptoms.

The question now is, can we develop screening tools and biomarkers to achieve that ultra-early detection and then facilitate effective interventions to stop people from progressing to MS. This is important for a number of reasons, including because we know that damage can be done even in the earliest stages of MS.

This third pillar of the Pathways to Cures roadmap sits alongside two others – STOP MS, which aims at stopping progression for those who already have MS, and RESTORE, which seeks to reverse the damage already done by MS. While we continue to vigorously support research which fits under these two pillars, many have identified the END MS pillar as the area where fewer gains have been made, and much work needs to be done.

We look forward to further talks with international counterparts over the coming months to see if we can forge a way forward that will help us get down those pathways to cures, further and faster. Which is, of course, why fundraising for research is so critically important at this time. So, a big shout out to all our regular donors and fundraisers, including those who very generously supported me as I took on the Berlin marathon recently, a challenge that had been four years in the planning. Your support spurred me on to the finish! Thank you.

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