Having the will to help out at work

MS Plus employee Ben Holgate says he wants to give something back to the charity where he’s worked for the past five years.

“It’s the clients and people I work with that make it a special place,” said Ben, Executive Manager of Strategic Fundraising.

“Before I came to work here, I didn’t know many people living with MS. Since then, I’ve met plenty of wonderful men and women living with the condition. Our clients are remarkable people doing amazing things despite the massive challenges they often face daily.”

Ben said MS Plus was doing exceptional work through support services to help people cope and funding research. It was another reason he was planning to leave a gift in his Will to his employer.

When he started working for MS Plus, Ben was surprised to learn that multiple sclerosis was the most common acquired chronic neurological disease affecting young adults, often diagnosed between the ages of 20 to 40. This made him think about how he could do more to help.

He did what he could in his role. He helped hone fundraising events like the well-loved MS Sydney to the Gong bike ride and introduced the charity’s lottery program to help keep dollars rolling in. The much-loved MS Readathon was also relaunched and was once again a great success.

In his own time, Ben participated in the “Conquer Cradle Mountain to Beat MS” challenge in Tasmania, where he raised over $3,000 through peer-to-peer fundraising.

Then he got another idea from his future strategic planning manager.

Laura Henschke, originally from Peru, told him about her plan to leave a gift in her Will to MS Plus as a thank you for a great life in Australia. After thinking about it, Ben decided he would do the same.

When he turned 61, he went to a lawyer to update his Will and, after making provisions for his family, included a gift to MS Plus.

“I’m committed to helping the cause,” he said.

Wants to help keep the lights on

As for where Ben would like his gift to go, he’s thinking outside the box.

“So many people want to put a gift in their Will towards research to find a cure for MS, which is excellent. I understand why they would do that. But I’m going to do something different.

“It’s important to leave something in the general pot to help the organisation keep the lights on. Also to pay bills and staff. All charities need offices, furniture, accountants, program managers and IT people to function,” he said.

A gift in your Will costs nothing right now, but will have a profound impact on the future for people who live with MS. Like Ben, you can leave a legacy of care and life-changing kindness.

If you’re thinking about leaving a gift to MS in your Will, our friendly Gifts in Wills Manager Laura Henschke will happily answer any questions you may have. You can contact Laura by calling 1800 443 867 or sending Laura an email at

You can find more information here.


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Having the will to help out at work