Kiss Goodbye to MS gives plenary presentation in London

Our Kiss Goodbye to MS Campaign Manager, was invited to attend the 2016 MS International Federation Conference as one of the key plenary presenters. With Kiss Goodbye to MS now being a global MS research fundraising campaign, we were given the opportunity to share some key learnings and knowledge with our international colleagues. MS Research Australia is an integral part of the MS International Federation, with collaboration within the global MS sector a key strategic focus of ours. The MS International Federation Conference held in London during September this year, is an important global initiative and working together with other MS organisations and countries fosters knowledge growth and greatly accelerates research, advocacy and awareness progress.

MS Research Australia presented some important insights into fundraising and managing a fundraising initiative, sharing some learnings that will equip other fundraisers to continue to build on progress in their own countries. As Kiss Goodbye to MS continues to build momentum globally, with the UK and Canada committing to a 2017 campaign, it is crucial that as a community we are aligned in our vision and strategy. While each country will run Kiss Goodbye to MS in their own way, considering their cultural sensitives and expectations, there are some baseline learnings from our Australian campaign that have helped to build the foundation of the global initiative. The success of Kiss Goodbye to MS in Australia had laid the foundation for success around the world which is desperately needed. The simple low cost, DIY style fundraising model employed by Kiss Goodbye to MS is a model that can be both replicated and scaled.

With the incredible popularity of digital media and the power of social media transcending all traditional fundraising barriers, we are excited to watch the campaign grow nationally and internationally. We are also really thrilled to hear of the success of other countries such as the stunning accomplishments of MS Ireland with their very own Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign.

Not only was the presentation an opportunity to empower others, both Italy and Brazil have now stepped up their interest in being part of the global roll out, bringing some real tangible outcomes to the endeavour.

It is an extremely proud feeling to think that as a small charity, MS Research Australia is absolutely fundamental and central to the two pillars of the international MS strategy “research” and “fundraising”. These are two of the notoriously more difficult areas to create alliances on, but is now sweeping the globe with a palpable collaborative, cohesive and excitable spirit.

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Kiss Goodbye to MS gives plenary presentation in London