MS Australia’s prestigious John Studdy Award 2020 announcement

MS Australia Non Executive Director and Chair of the John Studdy Award panel, Sharlene Brown, is delighted to announce the 2020 John Studdy Award winner is Mr Ian Pennell AM, in recognition of his extraordinary dedication to ensuring the provision of support and services to people living with MS continues to grow across Australia.

The annual John Studdy Award recognises outstanding, consistent and selfless meritorious service of 10 or more years, by someone making or who has made a tangible difference to the benefit of people living with MS and/or their families or carers.

For more than 20 years, Mr Ian Pennell has volunteered with many MS organisations, commencing with MS ACT in February 1999 and his dedication has since morphed into a way of life. Positions followed in the MS space as Chief Executive Officer, Vice President, President, Non-executive Director and Chairman.

He was appointed as a Director on the MS Australia Board in 2003, Vice President in 2004 and President in 2015, until retirement from the MS Australia Board in 2017.

Mr Pennell was paramount in ensuring that our state/territory MS member organisation MS Limited – VIC, NSW, ACT and TAS, took the appropriate strategic direction when the landmark National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) began. He instantly understood that some people with MS might not have qualified for the new scheme and ensured MS Limited continued to offer services that would be the most beneficial for those living with the disease.

His unwavering support and commitment for people with MS continued, by supporting the ACT MS Community Engagement Council, to ensure they had sufficient members to continue.

Mr Pennell is the first to put his hand up and represent MS wherever possible. His selfless service to people living with MS means he gives his time tirelessly and has made a notable contribution to the lives of many living with the disease.

Sharlene Brown said, “The Board would like to thank Ian for his outstanding commitment and service to the MS cause over the past 20 years. His selfless provision of meritorious service to people living with MS, means he has made a notable contribution to the lives of many living with the disease. Ian’s mentoring capabilities have been highly regarded by the senior executives of several MS organisations over the years and he has been a significant confidant for many such Directors and CEOs.”

To read about the John Studdy Award, including past recipients, please click here.


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MS Australia’s prestigious John Studdy Award 2020 announcement