MS Research Australia Brain Bank – How to get involved

In order to understand the effect MS has on the brain, researchers need to study the cells, genes, and proteins of the brain in human tissue. Post-mortem donations from people who had MS are an incredible gift that provides a vital resource which allows this type of detailed research.

Anyone in Australia who has been diagnosed with clinically definite MS is eligible to register as a brain donor for MS research. The MS Research Australia Brain Bank encourages all people with MS to sign up as a brain donor as early as possible in life. So far, almost 850 people from around Australia have pledged to donate their brain tissue.

Many more than this number have expressed an interest in donation, but are yet to complete the legal forms required. It is important that once you have made the decision to become a brain donor that you make sure all paperwork is completed.

Many people write in their Will that they would like to become a brain donor, however, to allow a donation to proceed it is very important that the official Brain Bank Donor Consent Form is completed and signed. Signing the Consent Form and notifying your next of kin enables the donation process to happen smoothly and ensures that the donated tissue is of the best possible quality for researchers to use. Without a signed consent form, a donation may not be able to proceed.

Once people have consented to becoming brain donors it is important to keep the consent paperwork and donor cards safe. It is often useful to inform doctors, neurologists and other carers of your decision and the process of brain donation. This will allow the donation to proceed as smoothly as possible and provide the best possible outcomes for research.

To register your interest in becoming a brain donor, complete the registration form at, or call MS Research Australia at 1300 672 265


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MS Research Australia Brain Bank – How to get involved