Pro bono support for MS Research Australia

In addition to the financial support of many individuals and organisations, MS Research Australia relies on a range of pro bono support to facilitate our important work and keep our operating and fundraising expenses as low as possible.

Pro bono support is the provision of products or services free of charge, which help in reducing our costs and thereby increase the total funds allocated to MS research projects around Australia.

The Kiss Goodbye to MS Campaign, for example, utilises a range of pro bono support, including legal advice, couriering services, PR support and the provision of raffle and auction prizes for our fundraising events.

A great number of our pro bono supporters are sourced via the MS Angels – a network of senior businesswomen who are committed to supporting MS research. Two Sydney businesswomen, who each had a sibling with MS, founded the MS Angels in late 2008. There are now MS Angels groups in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney with members from various sectors, including legal, finance, banking and retail. Many have a personal connection with MS, whilst others have simply chosen to support MS research whilst networking with other female professionals from around the country.

In addition to a personal contribution of $2,000 per Angel (which each group pools to fund a specific MS research project), several of the MS Angels provide valuable pro bono support through their companies, many of whom are new to supporting MS research. For example, MS Angel Anne-Marie Sparrow, who is Managing Director at Cube Public Relations, provides outstanding PR support for the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign, all of which is provided free of charge.

Anne Marie says, ‘A personal connection to MS led to my involvement first with the MS Angels and then Kiss Goodbye to MS. Working alongside MS Research Australia has been an amazing experience for me and the Cube team – to contribute to building greater awareness of MS but also activating further funding and support to local research efforts.’

This PR support is essential in promoting the campaign and encouraging individuals to sign up as fundraisers – thereby increasing the total funds raised for MS research.

Other examples of pro bono support have been facilitated by staff and other stakeholders, including the Trish MS Research Foundation and supporters of our previous F5M+ fundraising campaign. Over the last five years, MS Research Australia has received support from over 100 companies and individuals with an estimated value over $2 million.

For more information on pro bono support please email our team or call 1300 356 467.


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Pro bono support for MS Research Australia