Collaborating to produce the global MSIF research news

MS Research Australia are very proud to have been approached by the MS International Federation (MSIF) to write the research articles for their monthly global research newsletter called MS Research News over the next few months.

MSIF is a unique global network of over 49 MS organisations, people affected by MS, volunteers and staff from around the world who share a vision of a world without MS.

To be given this opportunity to strengthen our involvement with MSIF is an honour for MS Research Australia. It demonstrates the international trust and respect shown for our organisation, as well as recognition of our willingness to readily collaborate with other organisations in the global mission to find a cure for MS.

Peer Baneke, CEO MSIF said ‘Through participating in this collaboration MS Research Australia are leading the way in making the global MSIF movement’s strategy a reality in relation to this and in so many other ways. MS Research Australia are setting a superb example which we will use as much as we can inside the movement to get as many of the other member organisations to join in on research and other global challenges’.

Global collaborations are a significant part of MS Research Australia’s strategic plan and we are looking forward to working with MSIF to bring accessible research news directly to MS organisations from around the world to help ensure that the huge world-wide research effort and advances in MS are shared as widely as possible.

The MSIF MS Research News is a monthly e-newsletter. To subscribe to this global communication please visit


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Collaborating to produce the global MSIF research news