Myelin repair

Dr Simon Murray

In 2014, F5m+ as part of the MS Research Australia grant round, is proud to be supporting Dr Simon Murray and Mr Stanislaw Mitew, both from the University of Melbourne.

Dr Murray will be deepening our understanding of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), investigating its potential to promote myelin regrowth in MS. BDNF is known to enhance myelination during brain development, and his work will investigate the ability of BDNF to repair damaged myelin and restore the function of nerve cells in laboratory models of MS.

Mr Mitew will investigate the normal mechanisms for myelination that occur during brain development, and test whether the rate of myelination can be improved under normal conditions. This will then be compared to the situation under disease conditions in laboratory models of MS, aiming to test whether these mechanisms can be reactivated to enhance myelin repair. Reactivating myelin production may be an exciting new therapeutic approach to combat MS.

 The community support that F5m+ receives from people who challenge themselves to participate in events across Australia or from their own fundraising efforts enables important research projects like these to be conducted. This year with your support $220,000 was allocated to Dr Murray and Mr Mitew. Thank you, your efforts certainly do contribute towards top quality research.

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Myelin repair