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24 May 2023

Dr Phu’s research, funded by MS Australia, has focused on evidence-based physiotherapy interventions to improve impaired functions as a consequence of MS.

His current research project aims to develop an individualised, all-inclusive exercise program and use assistive devices to improve walking in people with MS.

It is expected that if the research confirms effectiveness of treatment strategies, implementation of clinical interventions will contribute to reduced fall rates in people with MS and associated injury-related costs, diminished fear of falls and improved quality of life for people with MS.

This is the kind of advancement in clinical MS research that will be undertaken at the new MS Plus Wellbeing Centres, through Project Wellbeing.

My name is Dr Phu Hoang. For 21 years I have been working as a researcher and clinician specialising in the rehabilitation of movement and mobility for people with MS.

It is important to me to share what your support means to researchers and clinicians, like me. And what it means for people living with MS.

I’ve witnessed incredible results at the existing MS Plus Centre in Lidcombe. Many of my patients have improved their MS symptoms, including Alison, who can now walk up to 4 kilometres at a time unassisted.

Alison has regained mobility and even improved her MS symptoms. Before Alison arrived at the MS Plus Centre, she was told elsewhere that she simply wouldn’t improve. We both enjoyed proving them wrong.

Alison – “After two years of treatment with Dr Phuat the Centre, my MS symptoms have improved in ways I could have only dreamed.

 “I’m so grateful. It’s thanks to people like you donating to support vital research that I’ve regained my strength and mobility. But it devastates me to know that there are other people like me in Australia who are missing out on this transformative care.

 “Before I started my rehabilitation, I had lost use of my left arm and hand, and it was nearly impossible to lift my left leg. This all made my balance terrible. I had to use a walker to get around, and I still fell with that, too.

 “If you’d have seen me at my first assessment at the Centre, attempting a simple exercise that a toddler could manage, and sobbing uncontrollably because I couldn’t do it, you would not believe where I am at today.

 “But Dr Phu told me he could improve my walking. I’m happy to say, he was right.”

Dr Phu Hoang and Allison

Dr Phu Hoang (left) and Allison (right)

My research at the MS Plus Centre focuses on mobility loss. It’s one of the most devastating and common issues for people living with MS. I’ve discovered the muscle weakness that causes this problem has a pattern, but nobody has really addressed this in research before.

I have seen that exercise can help people regain lost function and even improve lesions in the central nervous system.

Researchers and clinicians like me are at the forefront of cutting-edge research taking place at the MS Centres – and we need support from people like you to help more people with MS in Australia.

You will help both the people living with MS to live better lives, and the research to accelerate towards new MS solutions.

With support of wonderful people like you, Project Wellbeing will be able to build and expand MS Plus Wellbeing Centre rehabilitation facilities.

With the latest, most helpful equipment we will offer the best possible care and support to those with MS and conduct more cutting-edge research.

With the number of people in Australia living with MS increasing, we need MS Plus Wellbeing Centres to bring MS solutions to people faster.

I have seen tears of happiness in the eyes of people who have received treatment as well as other MS Plus specialist services. They have regained independence, mobility and confidence in the MS Plus Centre.

Your support is needed to continue and expand these remarkable results.

Please donate now to Project Wellbeing to help improve outcomes for more people with MS or call 1300 733 690.

Thank you for your support,

Dr Phu Hoang, PhD
Senior Physiotherapist and Clinical Researcher


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