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To help people and caregivers navigate an NMOSD diagnosis, MS Australia and Alexion Pharmaceuticals partnered with people with NMOSD and healthcare specialists to produce the NMOSD Your Way Podcast, which features a series of episodes on managing some of the day-to-day aspects of this condition.


The NMOSD Your Way Podcast series features NMOSD patient ambassador Debbie Leticq, alongside healthcare professionals including neurologist Dr Lesley-Ann Hall, Specialist Nurse and Research Fellow Dr Therese Burke, and psychologist Dr Sally Shaw, who all share some deeply personal experiences about this rare, auto-immune condition.


Their candid conversations shine a light on the day-to-day reality of living with NMOSD, provide some insights and advice to those who may find themselves either newly diagnosed or learning to live with NMOSD.

Host – Debbie Leticq

When Debbie was diagnosed with NMOSD over 10 years ago, there was little information about the condition available, and no patient support group to turn to for help. She was fortunate to find a community on Facebook and connected to some passionate and committed specialists who helped her find her way to her new normal. Debbie is a driving force in the NMOSD community, organising the first NMOSD patient symposium in 2017 and connecting with others living with this rare, neuroimmune condition. Despite her condition, Debbie is a born adventurer, recording the podcast from her caravan whilst on a road trip to visit many of her NMOSD connections across Australia, before returning home to become a grandmother!

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NMOSD Your Way Podcast