Meet The Researcher

Professor David Booth

Professor David Booth

The University of Sydney, NSW

Let’s get started! Tell us an interesting fact about yourself...
I first became interested in science because I made zoos with insects in our garden.
What inspired you to get involved in MS research?
The challenge of finding the genes which affect MS, and then understanding why these genes affect MS.
What do you think has been the most exciting development in MS research?
Finding the genes which affect MS and the progress in understanding why they do.
Tell us about your current research project...
There is much evidence that low levels of vitamin D are bad for MS, but taking vitamin D is not very helpful – this project investigates why this is so.
Why is your research important and how will it influence the understanding and treatment of MS?
The current method of using vitamin D may not be effective. This project develops an immunological test of response to different forms of the vitamin and potentially change its use, improving treatment of people with MS.
What do you enjoy most about working in the lab and what are some of the challenges you face?
I enjoy the challenge of solving an important problem. The main challenge is funding to conduct the experiments.
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David Booth