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MS Nurse Insights

MS Nurses provide invaluable support and specialist clinical advice to people with multiple sclerosis.

They are passionate about supporting symptom management, improving quality of life, educating and empowering people with MS. They are often the main point of contact for a person with MS, coordinating services, referring someone on to a doctor, or a therapist, or other appropriate services.

Who else could be better to provide insight and understanding than an MS Nurse?


Therese Burke

Introducing Therese Burke...

Therese Burke has worked as a Clinical Nurse Consultant in MS for over 10 years and as a researcher in the MS field for over 15 years. Based in a major Sydney Hospital, she is currently working on a PhD centred around what it feels like for people living with RRMS in the modern day with so much info, so many treatments and so many choices. Therese has a passion for educating people and families living with MS, particularly at the start of the journey and has co-authored an international paper on the evolving role of the MS Nurse.