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Social & Psychological

An MS diagnosis can be extremely difficult thing to come to grips with. All of a sudden there is a lot of new information to absorb, questions that need to be asked and key decisions that need to be made for people with MS, their family and friends.

What's more, the majority of people diagnosed with MS are diagnosed in their early adult years, often a vital time for establishing a career, studying, buying your first home or starting a family.


Dr Annette Carruthers GPIntroducing Dr Sally Shaw...

To provide practical advice, we would like to introduce Dr Sally Shaw to help us understand how psychological support can help you navigate a myriad of ups and downs.  Sally is a practising Psychologist and part of a multidisciplinary team offering effective coaching and support to achieve improved health outcomes for patients with MS.  Sally has offered to share her knowledge via a series of articles available here. You can read more about Sally and her approach on her website:



Dr Annette Carruthers GPIntroducing Dr Annette Carruthers GP...

Dr. Annette Carruthers works part-time as a general practitioner while fulfilling several roles on different boards involving financial services, health, infrastructure and aged care. Her medical specialities include clinical risk management and quality improvement in health services. Several of her patients have MS.  Annette has kindly offered her time to provide us with some helpful resources.