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A world without MS

Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassadors

The inspiring Australians who are making a difference

Our Kiss Goodbye to MS ambassadors say thank you to the fantastic MS community by sharing their very own thank you letters.
remyelination MS

Is a naturally occurring molecule the key to remyelination?

MS researchers have investigated whether a naturally occurring molecule, which some DMTs mimic, has the capacity to promote myelin repair.
2021 prime awards

MS Australia shortlisted for 2021 Prime Awards

CEO Rohan Greenland gives an update on the MS Australia activities for November, focusing on MS Australia's 2021 Prime Award nomination.
sun UV radiation

Nature’s fingolimod: how UV radiation suppresses autoimmunity

New research funded by MS Australia has shown how UV light traps immune cells in the lymph nodes, similar to the action of some MS therapies.
incubator grants 2021

MS Australia announces funding of ‘outside the box’ ideas

MS Australia has funded seven new innovative MS research projects totalling nearly $150,000 in this year’s first round of incubator grants.
AHSCT MS cells

Real-world follow up study of AHSCT for MS

A study has followed the progress of over 500 people with MS who have undergone AHSCT for up to 5 years after the procedure.
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