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The MS Australia Board's statement in support of COVIDSafe App

30 April 2020
The MS Australia Board strongly supports the Australian Government’s request for Australians to download the COVIDSafe App to assist in keeping Australians safe by limiting the spread of the virus.  
The COVIDSafe App is designed to speed up identifying and contacting people exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19) to enable them to be tested early to see if they have the virus.  Early identification of people with coronavirus will aid in containment of cases to minimise community spread and diminish the risk of an outbreak.  This will be particularly important as we move toward a time where the level of social distancing is reduced.  
Data provided through the COVIDSafe App will only be utilised following identification of a confirmed case.  The data will then be used to trace contacts of the confirmed case to enable early testing to identify and quarantine any further cases.  Prompt management of contacts of people with coronavirus will minimise spread.  This will also assist in protecting healthcare workers who cannot self-isolate, as well as the vulnerable members of our community, including those living with MS.
MS Australia supports the freedom of choice in matters of this nature. This statement is provided in the hope that it will allow people living with MS to make a fully informed decision.  More information about the app, how it works, how your privacy will be protected, what will happen after the pandemic and how to download it, is available from the Department of Health, please visit: