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MS Australia partners with Women’s Health Week

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19 May 2020

MS Australia is pleased to announce a community partnership with Jean Hailes for Women’s Health for Women’s Health Week 2020.

The national health awareness campaign, held every September, raises awareness of the importance of maintaining good health and wellbeing for all women and girls in Australia. This year, with an intense spotlight on health due to COVID-19, it’s even more important, so Jean Hailes will be inviting women to ‘check in on their health’ during Women’s Health Week under a health check theme.

Deidre Mackechnie, CEO MS Australia says that roughly three times as many women have multiple sclerosis as men. And MS is mostly diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40 years, when many women are focusing on career and family. Also, like many diseases, early diagnosis can make a huge difference in terms of treatment and management.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Women’s Health Week to help reach women around Australia with important messages around looking after their health. We also want to remind women that any health concerns, no matter how small, are worth getting checked out,” says Ms Mackechnie.

Women’s Health Week campaign manager Brenda Jones says both organisations share similar messages around education and the importance of making time for your health.

“It’s so important to keep up with regular health checks and getting anything that doesn’t feel right checked out,” says Ms Jones. “It’s easy to put things aside, especially with issues such as COVID-19 taking all our focus.”

“This September, Women’s Health Week will be a timely reminder to check in on our health. Be it rescheduling those important health checks that have been put on hold or postponed, setting aside time to check in on your mental wellbeing, or checking out that ‘niggle’ that hasn’t felt right for a while and just didn’t seem important at the time.”

The Jean Hailes for Women’s Health Week and MS Australia community partnership was announced in the lead up to World MS Day, held annually on 30 May. A new 3-year (2020-22) ‘Connections’ theme aims to tackle social isolation and loneliness – common in MS - which can have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing. In Australia, World MS Day 2020 spotlights health and wellbeing, self-management of MS and self-care. Given the current directive due to COVID-19 to self-isolate/physical distance, the ‘Connections’ theme has become increasingly relevant.


Women’s Health Week 2020 runs from September 7 to 11.
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In the lead up and during Women’s Health Week, MS Australia will work closely with Jean Hailes, anchor and participate in events, share information and messages for women and girls about health, wellbeing and MS.