A pioneer with a passion for helping others

As a pioneering mechanical engineer, Gwen Gray was a visionary. Her kindness continues to have an impact beyond her years.

Gwen understood the power of science, research and determination. She used it to solve our most intractable problems. She included a gift in her Will to MS. She wanted people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) to continue getting the support they need. Thus, they can live well while the search for a cure continues.

Her nephew, Geoff, isn’t quite sure about his aunt’s connection to MS. He says the kind-hearted gift in her Will comes as no surprise. ‘Nobody could deny Gwen’s generosity,’ he says.

Gwen was a celebrated mechanical engineer who shattered a string of glass ceilings. She entered the workforce with the Government Aircraft Factories during World War Two.

Later, she took a job with W.E Bassets. She also started to study mechanical and marine engineering at Footscray Technical College. When she left W.E Bassets four decades later, she was a Company Associate.

During her career, Gwen was involved in the construction of several of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings. This includes the Royal Women’s and Children’s hospitals, and the Arts and Hamer Hall complexes.

Gwen designed courses for RMIT university, where she worked as a lecturer. And in 2006, she was named as one of only 90 Legends of Victoria University.

Gwen leaves a lasting impact not only in her chosen field, but also for people who live with MS.

Geoff is glad that his aunty Gwen’s kind and positive influence will continue. He remembers her fond dedication to family, and many weekends away with her before she passed at 95.

Her generosity will help ensure services and support continue. These will give people with MS the best possible quality of life.

A gift in your Will costs nothing right now, but will have a profound impact on the future for people who live with MS. Like Gwen, you can leave a legacy of care and life-changing kindness.

If you’re thinking about leaving a gift to MS Plus in your Will, Gifts in Wills Manager Laura Henschke will happily answer any questions you may have. You can contact Laura by calling 1800 443 867 or sending Laura an email at

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A pioneer with a passion for helping others