Funding changes for Medical Research Future Fund

MS Research Australia has welcomed the Federal Government’s re-commitment to the $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) and revising the funding model.

The changes announced to the funding model, particularly the GP co-payment should renew discussions with the nation’s politicians which will hopefully make the MRFF a reality. The health and medical discoveries the MRFF will uncover will improve the treatment and management of disease, and improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system.

MS Research Australia CEO Dr Matthew Miles said ‘Australia is blessed with some brilliant research minds that are making great inroads in the fight against multiple sclerosis (MS). ‘This Fund will provide these researchers a platform to not only help further our understanding of MS and create better treatments to fight the disease but to also bring us closer to the ultimate goal, which is a cure for MS.’

It is estimated that for every dollar invested in health and medical research it generates $3.39 in future health and productivity gains (Deloitte Access Economics report)

‘The opportunity Australia has with this flagship fund for health and medical research cannot go unrealised. The MRFF will allow this country to undertake large-scale health and medical research like never before that will have life changing benefits for all Australians’ said Elizabeth Foley, CEO, Research Australia.

Since its inception, MS Research Australia has funded more than 150 separate research grants and numerous research platforms and invested more than $22 million into the best, peer-reviewed, MS research in Australia. This funding enables Australian MS researchers to get new research ideas off the ground and become highly competitive in leveraging additional research funding from major sources such as Government funding schemes.

MS Research Australia is part of the MRFF Action Group. For information on the MRFF Action Group please visit


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Funding changes for Medical Research Future Fund