The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull discusses the power of philanthropy in medical research

The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, Federal Communications Minister, was the guest speaker at a recent MS Saints event, hosted by MS Research Australia. Goldman Sachs provided full pro bono support with both the venue location and catering.

With the room almost overflowing full of MS Saints and their close colleagues, the attendees were treated to a wide range of topics and discussion points. Mr Turnbull spoke of how far MS research has progressed over the last decade and was particularly interested in the significant MS breakthroughs that have been realised as a result.

Mr Turnbull and his wife, Mrs Lucy Turnbull AO, former Lord-Mayor of Sydney, are renowned philanthropists. Mr Turnbull also discussed the power of philanthropy in the medical research sector and how this can cause drastic and accelerated change in terms of research advances.

Other conversation points of interest included the merits of the government’s proposed Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), the Australian media, music and movie piracy, investment banking and government advocacy for MS.

MS Research Australia Chairman, Mr Paul Murnane and Internationally-renowned MS researcher- Professor Graeme Stewart AM both commented on the excellent MS Saints event and the importance of holding such events as it places MS research and advocacy in front of key decision makers.


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The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull discusses the power of philanthropy in medical research