MS Research Australia Funding Announcement for 2014

MS Research Australia is pleased to announce $1.537 million in new funding to begin in 2014. This includes 11 new grants to researchers around the country.

The new research includes grants which cover a range of areas of interest in the MS field. New biomedical grants will look at functional implications of genetic changes in MS and investigate the role played by molecules which control gene activity and immunity in MS. Other grants will look at the way that the normal brain is able to produce myelin and determine if there are ways to promote remyelination in the MS brain. These approaches will assist with mechanisms that might be useful to encourage repair in the damaged brain and spinal cord.

Three clinical trials will test symptom management techniques for those living with MS. These will include investigations to improve the gait of people with MS and interactive training to reduce falls in people with MS. Another study, which is an extension on a previous MS Research Australia funded pilot study, will attempt to improve outcomes for people with bladder and bowel symptoms in MS.

‘We are very pleased with the quality of applications to our 2014 funding round and have high hopes for these new research ventures’, said Dr Matthew Miles, MS Research Australia Chief Executive Officer, ‘MS Research Australia is proud to be one of the major contributors to the funding of outstanding MS research in this country.’

More information and a snapshot of the research projects will be available in the March issue of our MS Next newsletter.


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MS Research Australia Funding Announcement for 2014