Online research funding portal to encourage MS research

Each year MS Research Australia asks scientists to submit research proposals to improve the outcomes for people with MS.

MS Research Australia has different types of funding, including incubator grants for novel blue sky ideas, career development scholarships for scientists, full project grants and travel grants to
foster collaboration. Each grant has different eligibility requirements and conditions. However, all applications must have a direct link to advancing our knowledge of MS.

Each submitted proposal goes through a robust and thorough peer review process which is highly respected in the scientific community and considered on par with the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Last year, MS Research Australia teamed up with FluidReview, a member of the SurveyMonkey group, to create an online application management solution.

‘After months of preparation, we are delighted to introduce our new research grant application portal. It will streamline all of the processes making it more efficient for the researchers, reviewers and ourselves’ said Dr Lisa Melton, Head of Research, MS Research Australia.

With the research funding landscape becoming more competitive in Australia, the number of applications submitted continues to increase. This new online portal will enhance MS Research Australia ability to identify the most promising Australian research with the biggest impact for people with MS in the ever rising number of applications.

Currently, the platform has received applications for the first incubator grant round for 2017, and all future grant applications will be submitted and processed online. The system will allow MS Research Australia to efficiently manage the entire application process from receiving the applications, through to the peer review and monitoring. This will make the application process more efficient for the scientists who apply for funding, the scientists that review the applications and for the administering of the process.

MS Research Australia is always striving to improve its processes leading to further efficiencies in it’s already award winning operation.



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Online research funding portal to encourage MS research