Survey results from the 5th biennial Progress in MS Research Conference

This event provides a unique opportunity for Australian neuroscientists and researchers to come together, present their latest findings and form contacts for potential research collaborations. The ultimate aim is to stimulate innovative research into the causes, prevention, improved treatments and a cure for MS.

The 2013 conference was deemed the ‘best ever’ by our most senior academics and received a 96% approval rating from delegates. It attracted the greatest number of researchers so far with a well-balanced delegate list of junior and senior Australian scientists and clinicians. Over 1/3 of all delegates felt that the networking opportunities with other researchers was just as an important objective as finding out about the latest MS research. In terms of the conference content, the scientific material presented ranked first in the survey followed closely by the calibre of the International speakers – both were held in the highest regard. The organisation of the conference itself and the suitability of the striking venue received the highest marks from a logistical point of view.

A conference highlight was the presentation of three new potential therapies for progressive MS, including Professor Michael Pender’s research discovery outlined here.

Following the conference, MS Research Australia hosted a very well-attended public lecture for people with MS to come and hear about the latest developments in MS research. A staggering 100% of the attendees surveyed said that the lecture met their objective with most people there to listen to the new developments in MS research. To view the public lecture video, please click here.

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Survey results from the 5th biennial Progress in MS Research Conference