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The Australian MS Longitudinal Study (AMSLS) research platform is available for researchers, MS state organisations or other stakeholders who can benefit from this resource. The AMSLS study can provide existing de-identified data and assist in collecting new data.

Scroll down for more information on data and survey requests and current AMSLS collaborative projects.

Survey questions requests

Data Request

There are two main types of data:

  • Summary data: Simple tables and figures can be provided on a small number of data fields. This request might be suitable for those who have limited analysis skills, and/or require small amounts of information.
  • Raw data: When more data is required, a de-identified dataset can be provided.

To apply to access the existing AMSLS data:

  • The AMSLS Data Request Form should be completed.
  • The request is reviewed and approved by the AMSLS Steering Committee.
  • Preliminary inquiries for feasibility or funding purposes can be done in advance.
  • For projects that results in publications, an official collaboration will be established, feedback will be provided on research plans and AMSLS members will become co-authors on publications.
  • The data can only be used for the stated purposes.

Data Collection

Data Collection

The AMSLS can include a number of questions to AMSLS surveys, or can run standalone surveys for you. To apply to have your questions included in an AMSLS survey:

  • The AMSLS Request for Survey Questions Form should be completed.
  • The request is reviewed and approved by the AMSLS Steering Committee.
  • For larger projects, an official collaboration will be established, feedback will be provided on the survey questions and research plan, and AMSLS members will become co-authors on publications.

The AMSLS dataset

The AMSLS Dataset

For background on current projects please refer to the ‘Current projects’ section in the AMSLS overview. Published study summaries can be found under the “Key findings” tab.

For a list or to request copies of past surveys please contact

Current collaborations

Area of focus
Project description
Monash University
Workplace wellbeing: Keeping those with MS happy in the workforce including looking at the interplay between disclosure of MS at work, support at work, and intention to quit.
Dr Claudia Marck
University of Melbourne
Modifiable Lifestyle Factors
Maximising healthy lifestyle decisions with the challenges of MS: Supporting diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol choices to optimise well-being.
Dr Yvonne Learmonth
Murdoch University
Physical Activity
Physical activity: Does it matter whether you live in a regional or remote area?
Dr Cynthia Honan
University of Tasmania
Maximising sleep: Examining factors that most influence sleep and assessing the impact on quality of life and daily functioning.
Professor Andrew Palmer
Menzies Institute for Medical Research
Economic Impact
Health economic impact of MS: Examining the direct and indirect costs associated with MS to individuals and Australia in general.
Belinda Bardsley (President MS Nurses Australia)
MS Australia
MS Nurses
Examining ways to maximise the availability and health care provided by MS Nurses

contact us

If you are a person with MS and have any question or would like further information please contact the Australian MS Longitudinal Study team.

Australian MS Longitudinal Study team

If you are a researcher and would like more information about the platform and opportunities for collaboration, please contact Professor Ingrid van der Mei.

Professor Ingrid van der Mei

We can make a real-life change now, in the lives of people with MS.

Shani, AMSLS participant

Become a participant

What's involved?

Become a participant to create positive change and improve the lives of people with MS.

Participating in the Australian MS Longitudinal Study (AMSLS) involves completing 2-3 surveys each in the comfort of your own home, either online or as a paper-based questionnaire.

When you join the study, you will need to complete a baseline survey and then you will be invited to join our regular research surveys.

You do not need to complete every survey, but as this is a longitudinal study, the more information you can contribute, the stronger the study becomes.

To get a feel for our topics of research, see the ‘Key findings’ tab and the ‘Current projects’ section in the AMSLS overview. 

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