Tools and infrastructure

This section summarises a selection of the currently available infrastructure, equipment, and facilities from around Australia, but is not a comprehensive list. This summary also does not consider resources within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in Australia as these are generally not publically listed or publically available for access.

Specialised tools and equipment are available within institutions but also through external facilities, both within Australia and internationally. International resources may need to be pursued for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Ensuring a global perspective on Australian research
  • Fostering international collaborations for unique expertise or data sharing
  • To validate analyses already undertaken in Australia
  • For a coordinated effort in data storage and interpretation
  • For cost effectiveness of performing the analysis
  • A lack of Australian equivalent resource, or to access larger sample sizes than available in Australia

This section presents an overview of currently available resources or facilities in a range of areas, but these are not an exhaustive list. New submissions or updates on listed resources are welcomed by clicking the "submit your feedback or suggestions" link above.

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Tools and infrastructure