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Animal research resources can include facilities to enable the breeding and housing of small animals for use in research, as well as specialist services for development of genetically modified animal strains. Several facilities offer repositories of animal disease models, imaging equipment, and behavioural testing services.  New submissions or updates on listed resources are welcomed via the link above.

Name Location Resource availability and details Accessibility and cost
Australian Phenomics Network (APN) Australian Capital Territory This project provides Australian and international researchers with mouse models for the study of a range of diseases. Available at a cost or via collaboration to Australian researchers.
Australian Phenomics Facility (APF) Australian Capital Territory The Facility supports open access large-scale phenotyping of humans and mice to uncover the biological drivers in human disease. Resources include an animal holding and breeding facilities, specialised analysis technologies, as well as the Phenome Bank (see below). Available at a cost to Australian researchers.
Australian Phenome Bank (APB) Australian Capital Territory The APB provides and maintains a central database of genetically modified mice held in Australia either live or as cryopreserved material. Available to Australian and international researchers. Database access is free, other services available at a cost.
Australian BioResources New South Wales Small animal holding and breeding facility, owned by the Garvan Institute. Available at a cost to Australian researchers.
Australian Animal Health Laboratory  Australian Capital Territory High-containment animal holding facility, owned by the CSIRO. Available at a cost or via collaboration to Australian researchers.
Animal Resources Centre Western Australia The Animal Resources Centre produces and sells laboratory mice and rats that are genetically defined with unique strain characteristics. Available at a cost to Australian researchers.
Australian Mouse Brain Mapping Consortium National The Australian Mouse Brain Mapping Consortium is a national network of imaging facilities falling under the NIF allowing Australian researchers to better characterise mouse models of neurological diseases. Access to the consortium is by collaboration.
Neuro Research Services Victoria Neuro Research Services provides academic and industry researchers access to a comprehensive rodent neuro-phenotyping facility. Services available at a cost to Australian researchers.
Melbourne Behaviour Facility Victoria The behaviour facility at the Melbourne Brain Centre offers a wide battery of rodent behavioural testing equipment for internal and external academics and commercial bodies. Services available in a fee-for-service basis to Australian researchers snd organisations.
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Animal research resources