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Cell and Tissue research facilities

Cell-based research facilities support the development and cultivation of cell lines, cell-based derivatives, and new therapeutic products. New submissions or updates on listed resources are welcomed via the link above.

Name Location Description
Victorian Consortium for Cell-based Therapies Victoria The Consortium of over 20 organisations has installed BioSpherix Xvivo™ isolator systems within two Melbourne facilities, for use in the processing of human cell and tissues intended for preclinical use and early-phase clinical applications.
Stem Cell Core Facility, Stem Cells Australia  Victoria The Stem Cell Core facility provides cell lines and services for research involving human embryonic and induced stem cells, as well as providing training in stem cell culturing.
Cell & Tissue Therapies WA Western Australia Biotherapeutic manufacturing facility based at Royal Perth Hospital providing a diverse range of clinical products and services.
Cell & Molecular Therapies  New South Wales CMT services at RPA Hospital Sydney support the development and provision of novel cellular therapy products for clinical use.
Sydney Cell & Gene Therapy  New South Wales SCGT at Westmead is a consortium between three research institutes and two health services. It provides facilities and expertise for cellular therapeutics and gene therapy.
Therapeutic Products Facility South Australia Therapeutic Products Facility aims to provide a facility where cellular based therapies can be manufactured to the highest standards of purity, integrity, safety and strength.
MS Stem Tasmania MS Stem is a biobank of human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines, derived from people living with and without MS. The biobank provides researchers with fully characterised iPSC lines from well phenotyped and genotyped individuals. This provides a unique opportunity to research the pathophysiology of MS in human cell models or conduct preclinical screening of putative therapeutics.
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Cell and Tissue research facilities