MS Mythbusters – Exercise makes MS symptoms worse

Our series of MS Mythbusters aims to dispel some of the outdated, inaccurate or confusing information you may have heard or read.

On this episode, Dr Yvonne Learmonth busts the myth that exercise makes MS symptoms worse. In fact, studies have shown that drinking cold water during exercise can reduce symptoms.

You can access more information on peer groups and support services in your local area below.

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MS Australia is honoured to announce Nigel Caswell as the recipient of the 2022 John Studdy Award in recognition of his commitment, dedication and service to people living with MS.
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MS Australia CEO Rohan Greenland discusses the need for a national minimum neurological data set to ensure the 1.6m Australians living with these conditions can receive the resources and support required.

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MS Mythbusters – Exercise makes MS symptoms worse