Secondary progressive MS – MS in a minute

Secondary progressive MS (SPMS) is the second phase of relapsing remitting MS. In this phase, the relapses settle down, but there is continuing worsening of neurologic function.

In the past, before there were treatments available, it usually took around 20 years for relapsing remitting MS to change into secondary progressive MS. But thanks to today’s MS medications this is being delayed and there are fewer people being diagnosed with secondary progressive MS.

Our MS in a Minute videos were created to provide fast and factual definitions of commonly used terms in MS.

Kiss Goodbye to MS Ambassadors

The inspiring Australians who are making a difference

Our Kiss Goodbye to MS ambassadors say thank you to the fantastic MS community by sharing their very own thank you letters.
remyelination MS

Is a naturally occurring molecule the key to remyelination?

MS researchers have investigated whether a naturally occurring molecule, which some DMTs mimic, has the capacity to promote myelin repair.

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Secondary progressive MS – MS in a minute