The will to help

31 August 2023

Elizabeth Meredith always wanted to make life better for other people.

That is why she became a medical scientist and educator. But with multiple sclerosis (MS), her interest became personal when her daughter developed the neurological condition 30 years ago.

Elizabeth Meredith

Elizabeth Meredith

“The whole family became involved,” recalled Elizabeth. Bill, her beloved late husband, became a volunteer, involved in helping patients.  The grandchildren participated in the MS Readathon, and other family members supported MS events.

When Bill died, in lieu of flowers, donations to the MS Society (now MS Plus) were encouraged.  This was the beginning of an annual Go for Gold scholarship in his name. Since he was an opera and music lover, the family decided the scholarship should go to a musician with MS who needed funds to achieve their dream.

Across the years, Elizabeth met and kept in touch with many of the scholarship winners, whose interests ranged from opera [lessons to regain her voice] to one with his own jazz band [creating their own CD].

More recently, Elizabeth decided to make a difference beyond her lifetime. 

The Melbourne retiree was inspired to leave a gift in her Will to MS Plus. She joins an increasing number of Australians doing the same thing.

“Perhaps my legacy could lead to better treatments, and I’m optimistic about a cure. But MS Plus can only do research and operate if it has adequate resources, and I want my gift to play a part in that work,” she said.

To ensure she can leave her legacy, Elizabeth has been putting a small sum aside each month, knowing that even a modest amount can make a difference.

“You don’t have to be wealthy to do this,” she said.

She hopes that other people reading her story will follow suit.

At MS Plus, a charitable gift could go towards research to improve treatments and help fast-track a cure. A gift in your Will could also enhance the support services of people with MS. Or you could elect to fund both. It’s your decision.

Want to know more? MS Plus has a Gift Planning Program. Call Laura or Rebecca on 1800 443 867, email or visit My MS Legacy.


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The will to help