Women’s Health Week 2023 - MS, good health and wellbeing

Welcome to Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week, a significant event in Australia dedicated to promoting good health and wellbeing for women, girls, and gender-diverse individuals. This year marks the 11th Women’s Health Week campaign run by Jean Hailes. 

MS Australia is thrilled to partner once again with Jean Hailes for Women’s Health, in collaboration with our state and territory multiple sclerosis (MS) Member Organisations. Together, we are committed to championing the health and wellness of women from all walks of life. 

As a proud Community Partner for Women’s Health Week 2023, taking place from September 4 to 8, we are committed to raising awareness and supporting women with MS to take charge of their health and wellbeing.

Women and MS

MS Australia recognises that MS disproportionately disrupts the lives of women, who are three times more likely than men to be diagnosed with this complex disease. MS often strikes during the prime years, when individuals are pursuing their dreams and aspirations, and can pose unique challenges for women.  

Women’s Health Week is a reminder to set aside time for your health and wellbeing and for everyone to make their health a priority. 

The Women’s Health Week 2023 theme is ‘Grow your knowledge’. During this special week, our focus is to equip you with valuable resources and information – including about MS research – that emphasise the significance of prioritising your health and growing your knowledge of MS. Time matters in MS: early diagnosis of MS can make a huge difference in terms of treatment and management, so it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of MS. 

We aim to provide a deep understanding of MS for those curious about or living with the condition, while highlighting the importance of adopting good health practices, to potentially help minimise the impact of the disease on daily lives. 

You can also participate in an online event with MS and other experts, hosted by our Member Organisation, MS Plus.

3 out of 4 Australians diagnosed with MS are women


To support you on this journey and help you understand MS, we have curated a collection of useful resources that align with the daily themes of this year’s Women’s Health Week. These resources provide valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your understanding and/or facilitate your path to optimal health and wellness.  

We have also included social media tiles below which you can download and share, to highlight and celebrate health and wellbeing throughout the week. 

If you’re interested in attending a Women’s Health Week event (including one of the following presented by our Member Organisation MS Plus as part of the MS Australia Community Program), visit the Jean Hailes events page.

  • Health checks for women with MS (Monday 4/9)
  • Managing your pelvic floor (Tuesday 5/9)
  • Menopause and MS with Dr Fatima Khan (Wednesday 6/9)
  • Podcast: Menopause and MS with Dr Francesca Bridge (Wednesday 6/9)
  • Pregnancy, fertility and MS (Friday 8/9)
  • Preconception, diet and fertility: Podcast with dietician Mariam Metwally (Friday 8/9)

Below you will find links to useful resources which complement this year’s Women’s Health Week daily themes:

Day 1 (Monday 4 September):

Check me out
health checks at every age

Useful resources

Need more info?

To attend a virtual or in-person Women’s Health Week event, visit the Jean Hailes events page.

For more information and health resources on the Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week daily topics visit https://www.womenshealthweek.com.au/get-involved/health-resources/

MS Australia and our four state and territory MS Organisations are here for you.


MS Plus (ACT, NSW, Tasmania, Victoria)

MS Queensland

MS Society of SA & NT

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Women’s Health Week 2023